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We are Ward's Classic Car Radio Repair, Specializing in Restoration/Service of Vintage Mopar,Delco,GM,and Ford Radio's,60's-70's and some 50's.

Before sending radios in for service/restoration...
Please take a few moments to carefully read the boxing
instructions below. This is the proper manner in which we would like for you to prepare your radio for shipment.
Failure to properly package your radio could result in damage
during shipment, which means added work for us , and you
will be required to pay additional charges to replace parts
that were damaged in shipment.



For example , I will show you, step by step , how we prepare all our radios for shipment . Please try and duplicate this procedure as close as possible.  Here is a 1970 Dodge Challenger AM 8-Track . The physical diminsions of this radio are approx. 9" x 8" x 4" .  We plan on wrapping this radio in approx. 10 layers of small bubblewrap. In the picture above, you see the radio sittng on an appropriate sized box, A 14X14X10. That will be our outer box . But remember, we are going to double box .



Above you will see our radio sitting on it's inner box which measures 12"x12"x6". And beside it you see our 14"x14"x14" outer box .


Here we see the radio wrapped in 10 layers of small sized bubblewrap. That's right, 10 Layers of bubblewrap ! If you choose to use the larger bubblewrap you will probably only need 3 or 4 layers . The radio fits tight inside this box , and has no room to move around in any direction . But we are not done yet . Remember, this is just the Inner box.  


Above we see the inner box sitting inside the outer box . Please note, there should be several inches difference in the size of your two boxes .Packing material must be used to fill the space around the boxes, IN ALL DIRECTIONS. Pack it tight so that the inner box cannot move around . You can use old newspapers, packing peanuts etc.


And here is the finished product all ready to ship . Notice the size of our box in relation to the other radios sitting beside it . Spend the extra time needed to box your radio correctly . Your radio needs to be able to withstand a 6 foot drop onto a concrete floor . That's exactly what could happen if it falls off the conveyor belt at UPS, Fed Ex , USPS or DHL. Follow these simple directions and your radio will be safe.

And below you will see a prime example of why we want you to pack your radio as described above.

Notice the knob shaft is now bent at a 45 degree angle.

Extra work for us, and more money coming out of your wallet to pay for replacement parts .




This radio was shipped with no protection . Notice how the box was too small for this radio and  their

was no packing material used between these two boxes . Their should have been a MINIMUM of two inches

of cushion room between the inner and outer box, and it should have been filled tight with newspaper,

peanuts, or bubblewrap .  I have shipped close to 5,000 radios and have never had one of my outgoing radios

damaged in shipping , however we have recieved hundreds of incoming radios damaged due to careless packing.

Take the time to pack it right, and we will both be happy.

This guy pictured below works for UPS on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays , and is a loader for Fed EX

on Tuesdays and Thursdays . Rumor has it he also is a part time package sorter for the Postal service on Saturdays .

Most likely THIS is the guy that will be handling your package , so pack it accordingly .



ALL Radios should be double boxed . Use plenty of bubblewrap around the radio . The boxes you choose MUST be big enough to give you several inches of room for packing material ,IN ALL DIRECTIONS. Packing peanuts and or newspaper should be used to fill all the extra room .

Frequently Asked Questions...

Here at Wards Classic Radio Service, we get tons of e-mails every week

from people who are interested in our service. To make things a little easier

on us, we have created a list of FAQ (frequently asked questions) . If you

have a question that is not addressed below, please feel free to e-mail us

and we will try and answer you as soon as possible. Thanks.

Question # 1

 Do you work on radios for the general public?

Answer, Yes we do . We service most Dodge Chrysler Plymouth(Mopar)

radios from the 1960's - 1970's . some 1950's

Question # 2

 How much does it cost to have my radio fully serviced?

Answer, we generally charge a flat rate of $165 for solid state am radios, and $215 for solid state am fm radios

AM FM Stereo radios are generally $265 , plus shipping.


 Some other radios could be a little more, call or email for a quote, Your radio will function 100% correct like it did the day it left

the factory. All switches, knobs, dials, preset buttons, etc. will function correctly.

Everything will be inspected, lubed, aligned, new bulb , etc. etc. replacemant of new cosmetics, such as knobs, face

plates, dial indicator, is extra.

Radio will be cleaned and detailed. Radio will be bench tested for several hours

before return shipping.


Question # 3

 Do you rechrome ?

Answer, no we do not . We can only clean up what you send us. However, we can and

do swap excellent used parts onto your radio as long as we have them available (this is

why we have hundreds of parts radios on hand).We do this at no extra charge.

Question # 4

 What form of payment do you accept?

Answer, we accept money orders, or checks (personal checks are fine) or paypal.

Sorry, we do not take credit cards.

Question # 5

How long will it take to service/return my radio ?

Answer, Please call or email for a turn around time.

We restore/sell approx. 400 vintage radios per year , but we always work our

customer radios in so they are treated as a priority.

Question # 6

 Do you upgrade radios to modern electronics , for cd jacks etc?

Answer, We can add a jack for mp3,cd, Ipod .

We also now offer a complete modern FM upgrade as well.

Question # 7

 Where do I send my radio ?

Answer,Once you have carefully boxed your radio(we recomend double boxing)

you may send it to me at this address...

Wards Classic Car Radio Repair

131 Culps Dr

Huntsville, AL


Please be sure to print off the repair form and fill it out

and include it along with your radio. At the very least ,include a note with your name ,

address ,e-mail address or phone # .

If you are in fact sending in a radio, please e-mail or call us and tell us.

Question # 8

When do I pay?

Answer,To speed up the return shipping,You may enclose a payment

with your radio, or if you prefer, we will contact you

via e-mail ,or phone when your radio is ready, and you may mail payment at that time.

Question # 9

 What kinds of radios do you service?

Answer, We  service most 60's-70's Mopar

Delco,Ford AM as well as AM FM radios.

Also ,We no longer service the 1970 E body AM FM models manufactured by Phillips.